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Why 95% Organizations use Microsoft’s Exchange Server? Lets quickly find what is it..

Microsoft Exchange is the most popular E-Mail Messaging Server that runs on Microsoft Servers. It enables an organization to configure and host email and collaboration services with their own domain (e.g., i.e., [email protected]). It is installed on a Windows Server Platform and provides the server-side services and features. Microsoft Outlook is the client used by an end user on a domain joined machine or workstation that takes services from Exchange Server. With Outlook Client a

Difference between Labels & Retention Policies.

Many Exchange Admins gets confuse between “Labels” & “Retention Polices”. So lets understand it quickly. a) Labels: In Labels, the retention period starts from that date from which the label was applied to the document. Retention Policy (in itself) says to delete content after certain period, however while creating Labels (using Retention Policy) provides an additional option Trigger the Reviewer which states

Microsoft Exchange Server Makes Email Possible.

Hello Friends, This is my first post. I will share my hands on experience working with Microsoft Exchange On-Premise Server professionally. I will try to post as many issues I encounter in day to day life for your help. I only need your Comments & Suggestions for improving my posts. Thanks a ton for reading