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How to Setup Port Forwarding on a Router?

Setting up Port Forwarding on any Router is easy. While setting up Port Forwarding in D-Link 2750U or DIR 615 Routers, we may face the below errors. Let’s find out how to setup Port Forwarding as well as how to fix the below error message. “The Access Control Service port 80 is in the external port

Who pays for Open Source (free softwares)?

Do we ever wonder who pays for the free software’s we use daily? How big companies providing free software for years continue to survive? It may be What’s App, free E-mail services, Cloud Storage Services like Google Drive, etc. Let’s find out the truth behind it. It is a misconception among us that open source

Why world’s Top Universities teach Blockchain?

Blockchain was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. In simple words, its a digital ledger” stored in a distributed network. A blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Blocks hold batches of valid transactions that are hashed,

Why Tempered Glass is not stronger than Gorilla?

Glass is not understood as most materials, because it straddles the line between liquid and solid. It is important to protect touch screens as phones don’t function properly if their screen is damaged. Tempered Glass: Tempered glass is about four times stronger than “ordinary,” or annealed, glass. Its made by heating the glass and then

JioGigaFiber: The Next Generation Broadband Service

Reliance Chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani on July 5, 2018, launched its fiber-based broadband service – JioGigaFiber in India. Registration started from 15th August 2018 in more than 1100 cities. What is JioGigaFiber? Jio GigaFiber is basically a broadband service by Jio provided using a flexible Fiber Cable. When data has to travel a long distance,

DNS: How Google connects to its Server?

The Domain Name System (or DNS) converts human-readable domain names ( into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses ( Computers can only communicate using a series of numbers, so DNS was developed as a sort of “phone book” that translates the domain you enter in your browser into a computer readable IP. A Brief History of the