Challenges to start your Business Online.

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“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” — Zig Ziglar

Sometimes it takes ages to get an idea for a business to start. Being on an entrepreneurial journey everyone faces different sets of problems. It may be managing delivering best services, hiring right talent, business operations or marketing.


In this information age, the modern generation has moved towards online. Thus, digital marketing has become an important part of your business.

From my experience, on the road to digital entrepreneurship you may face five common challenges to start your business online. Lets dig deep dive into them & find their solutions:

1. Website

An online place where your target audience will connect and can buy your product. The 1st breakthrough is to setup your website perfect for your target audience. It will involve technology and cost to operate & maintain.

Sometimes, It becomes easy if you outsource this part to the professionals in the market. You  are the only person who knows how your business functions. Selecting the suitable technology for your website is the most important part of your digital business as at the end of day customers will visit your website to know more about your brand and products.

The most important thing is if your website cannot load fast enough or can manage users on a large scale, it will impact your business. As in your real office/shop, ambiance matters. Similarly, in digital world the user experience of your website plays an essential role in convincing them. Online user reads your content; looks at your products, services or testimonials and interpret about everything.

Rule: Keep your content & the language simple what your target audience understands which in turn will help in converting customers digitally. Focus on it.

Once everything is in order on your website, actual development is the biggest task. Your website must function exactly the way your business demands it. From connecting user experience to the interesting content & the overall design should all go hand in hand.

2. Digital Marketing

The best advantage about digital marketing is everything is trackable. Whatever money you spend or efforts you invest online can be back tracked to Return on Investment.

Digital marketing is about ACPL (Creating Awareness, letting user Consider your brand, Purchase your service/product & become loyal customers). Digital marketing is a serious business as the content reaching to customers via digital medium will create the brand name. Digital marketing strategy should be in line with the business goals.

Rule: Selecting your niche area and able to provide the best content in the first place during demand is the biggest challenge with Digital Marketing. Focus on it.

3. Customer Gain

Customer gain through digital medium totally depends on your niche. Finding customers for B2B & B2C may differ. Every online channel has a different set of users to target.

On social media you just cannot sell all the time but you can on search engine. Since everything is digital, you can keep a different landing page for each set of users. Selecting customers based on their reaction on your website will help you in analyzing their mind and gaining customer more efficiently.

For creating awareness, you can promote on social media & display networks.

Rule: Ranking your website for relevant keywords on search engine will divert quality users who are actively looking for your services/products. Focus on it.

4. After Sales

Usually entrepreneur fails to gain happy customers who can promote your brand via word of mouth. The key performance indicator for any business is customer satisfaction. Meeting customer expectation will help you stand out of the competition. Providing a great customer service will satisfy both you & your customers.

Rule: Try fulfilling your customer’s requirement on top priority and customer will make your brand top class. Remember, customer never leaves until you give him the reason for it. Focus on it.

5. Scaling the business

The last challenge is scaling the business. After attracting users to your website, most of the website have a static page which is not customized as per the user click requirement. It is must to show personalized messages to each user. Taking the help of technology, you should customize the website looking at the past history of users who were have converted into subscribers or buyers.

You should also plan loyalty programs which attracts your customers to repeat the business with you. They will share positive experiences as word of mouth to their friends & family members. At the end, positive word of mouth creates right impact for your business.

Finding the targeted audience online and attract them to return to your content or channel is the biggest challenge most entrepreneurs face.

Rule: Customize your website according to user preferences and design it to show them what they want. A customized website for different set of  people or groups always increase traffic. Focus on it.


All the above steps are not easy as it sounds & can’t be achieved in one day. It will take a good amount of time to collect users preferences, analyze them, create & then re-design your website and last but not the least keeping the customer on top priority.

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Ajey Kumar Gupta

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