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Celebrating Diwali with Sweets, Messages, Gifts & Happiness. Happy Diwali wishes its readers a very Happy Diwali Diwali (or Deepawali) is the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals. It’s the festival of lights which literally illumines the country with its brilliance, brightness and dazzles all with its joy. Diwali (Dipavali in Sanskrit) means row of lamps is a Hindu festival of lights.

Challenges to start your Business Online.

Duration To Read: 3 Minutes. “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” — Zig Ziglar Sometimes it takes ages to get an idea for a business to start. Being on an entrepreneurial journey everyone faces different sets of problems. It may be managing delivering

Why Laughing & Cracking appropriate jokes at work works well?

Duration To Read: 3 Minutes.  📒 ✍ Remember: Never offend someone. 👈 Research has revealed that when colleagues at work laugh together, it can increase their productivity and innovation at the workplace. In Harvard Business School, researchers have found that people recognize those who have a tendency for humor as more competent and confident than those who don’t feel as