Publishers can embed Subscribe button inside their Youtube Videos

Youtube Video now includes a Subscribe button inside them.

Youtube has added a new feature where Subscribe Button will not just be visible inside the video but viewers will be able to Subscribe the channel directly by clicking inside the played video. Subscribe Button will be functional within the video itself.

Lets understand with the help of an example:

Suppose you are watching the Youtube video inside any other website e.g., and if any viewer likes the content and has to subscribe that channel, up until now, the user has to open the URL page of that video and come to Youtube’s page in order to Subscribe the channel, however now he will directly be able to subscribe by watching the video anywhere. Thanks to Youtube for this added feature. Youtube is making things easier for its viewers to subscribe to the channel viewers want.

Steps Required to add Subscribe Button next to your Channel Logo:

a) Login to YoutubeCreator Studio.

b) At left pane click ChannelBranding

c) Select your logo for your Youtube Channel and choose Entire Video. Now your channel logo will be shown in the entire video you will publish and a new user can subscribe easily.

If you will embed your video in your own website, Subscribe Button will be shown at top next to your logo in Red Color.

You can see the Subscribe Button in action in the video below, which is our “How to Get free Lynda Account September 2018”. If you hover over the AKGInfotech logo on the top left, an option to Subscribe in red color will appear. So now a new user can easily Subscribe the channel directly from my own website One has to be logged into Gmail in the browser else he will be prompted to login.

I hope it would be useful for all those users who have Youtube Channels and are looking for Subscribers.

Thanks a ton for reading my blog. I hope you like it. Do click Subscribe button right now & post a comment below if you appreciate the work.

Ajey Kumar Gupta
(Exchange Admin)

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