Pluralsight Azure Subscription – Free for 5 Years

Microsoft has done a partnership with Pluralsight to help you become an expert in Azure and is providing you with Pluralsight Azure Subscription free for 5 years. With over 200+ Microsoft Cloud Computing Azure Courses, Ignite Sessions, Certification Exams preparations on Azure including Exercise Files, you can focus your time on understanding your strengths and learn Azure as quickly as possible. This is discussed as a Legendary move by Microsoft in the current market.

Azure was started in 2004 and is still one of the best learning platforms in 2020. One can easily find all the latest & greatest courses on all technologies to learn from. You can watch the courses as per your ease in Desktop/Laptop/Mobile. I have added Video Demonstration of all the easy steps in the last.

Easy Steps to get Pluralsight Azure Subscription – Free for 5 Years:

1. Click on the below Link:

Pluralsight Azure Account for 5 years

Pluralsight Account for 1 Year.

Pluralsight Azure Subscription - Register & Start Free

2) Fill the form with correct details like your First Name, Last name, and working e-mail address.

Pluralsight Azure Subscription - Fill the Form

3) Make a check on the box By activating this benefit, you agree to abide by Pluralsight’s terms of use and privacy policy.

Pluralsight Azure Subscription - Activate Benefits

4) Click I Agree, Activate Benefit.

5) It will Redeem and will Activate the Azure Benefits for 5 Years on your Email Address. Do check your Email you used while filling up the form.

6) Click Create Password Here and set up the password for your Pluralsight Account.

Pluralsight Azure Subscription

7) For next time to login, Open and use either your Username or Email Address and the password and start learning Azure.

8) You can also use Pluralsight Offline Player to download courses and watch anytime even without the internet.

Link: Pluralsight Offline Player

Pluralsight Azure Subscription

Congratulations friends, now you have an access to unlimited Azure Library on Pluralsight for the next 5 years. 

Video Demonstration of Pluralsight Azure Subscription – Free for 5 Years:

Certifications & Courses you get for free:

  1. Microsoft Azure Solution Architect – helps you prepare for AZ-300 / AZ-301
  2. Microsoft Azure AI Engineer – helps you prepare for AI-100
  3. Microsoft Azure Security Engineer – helps you prepare for AZ-500
  4. Microsoft Azure Administrator – helps you prepare for AZ-103
  5. Microsoft Azure Developer – helps you prepare for AZ-203
  6. Microsoft Azure Data Scientist – helps you prepare for DP-100
  7. Microsoft Azure Data Engineer – helps you prepare for DP-200 / DP-201
  8. Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer – helps you prepare for AZ-400

Thanks a ton for reading my above blog. If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback please spare a second to post it.

Ajey Kumar Gupta
(Exchange Admin)

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c) Create Lynda Premium Account.

d) Download Lynda Course in One Click.

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