JioGigaFiber: The Next Generation Broadband Service

Reliance Chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani on July 5, 2018, launched its fiber-based broadband service – JioGigaFiber in India. Registration started from 15th August 2018 in more than 1100 cities.

What is JioGigaFiber?

Jio GigaFiber is basically a broadband service by Jio provided using a flexible Fiber Cable. When data has to travel a long distance, fiber optic cables experience less signal loss than copper cabling.

Currently, Jio is offering its “JioGigaFiber preview offer” which gives speed up to 100Mbps for 3 months with 100GB monthly data and no Installation Charges. There is a Refundable Security Deposit of Rs 4,500 taken initially for the Jio Router (ONT device) and can be paid easily through Debit card, Credit Card, Jio Money or Pay TM.

Jio GigaFiber plans and prices:

In media, it’s being suggested that Jio GigaFiber plans for a 1-month subscription (first 3 months free) would be:
a) Rs 500 plan will give 300 GB data with 50 Mbps.
b) Rs 750 plan will give 450 GB data with 50 Mbps.
c) Rs 999 plan will give 600 GB data with 100 Mbps.
d) Rs 1299 plan will give 750 GB data with 100 Mbps.
e) Rs 1500 plan will give 1000GB data with 150 Mbps.

What will you get when you open JioGigaFiber box?

a) Jio Router (Color White) – will have 3 Lan Ports (RJ45), 1 Telephone Port (RJ11), 2 USB Ports, 1 Fibre cable Input port.

b) Fibre cable for Input to Jio Router.

c) Charger for the Jio Router.

Features of Jio Gigafiber:

a) Provide Ultra High-Speed Internet – 100Mbps
b) Monthly Data 300 GB
c) Jio Applications included.

There will be additional GigaTV set-top box for Tv content which will connect to same fibre cable providing:

d) Ultra high-definition entertainment on TVs.
e) Video Conferencing
f) Those with Giga Tv will also be able to make phone calls to Other TVs, phones & tablets running on Jio fibre networks.
g) Voice-Activated virtual assistance.
h) Virtual reality gaming.

An interface of Jio Router is user-friendly:



Jio Plans for future: “Smart Home Accessories Suite”

It will include a TV camera, plugs, doorbells, Wi-Fi extender, and more. The accessories can be used to control the entire home via the MyJio application. Apart from the major connected devices, Jio is set to bring the smoke sensor, water leak sensor, siren, gas leak sensor, panic button, door sensor, and smart video doorbells. These have been designed to let users control and monitor their homes remotely using their smartphones. The prime purpose of the new launch is to expand the presence of connected homes in India.

The new devices will enable Jio users to control and monitor “every aspect” of their homes, including temperature, lighting, electrical appliances, gas and water leakage, motion detection, and opening and closing of doors and windows. The devices will also enable remotely caring for babies and the elderly, the company said at the meeting.

Jio would be deploying its services first to those areas from where most requests will come. Jio is not charging anything for registration for Jio Giga Fiber Preview Offer. I am providing you with easy steps to register below:

Easy Steps to register:

a) Open the website either on desktop, laptop or mobile  ““. (Users using Jio carrier can get the option in the home page of MYJIO App).

b) Enter your Address where you want Jio Fibre to be installed.

c) Enter your basic details like Name, Mobile No. & Email Address & accept Terms.

d) Click Generate OTP. A code will be sent to the mobile number entered in step c.

e) Click Verify OTP & Proceed in the End.


Its was really simple to register to let Jio understand from which area demand is high. The high the number of registrations from a particular area, faster the process of deployment may happen in that area.

Jio Giga Fiber has big plans to sustain in the heavy competition and this makes it invest heavily in the broadband services including Gio TV Services where the focus is to provide Ultra HD Entertainment on TV, video conferencing & smart home solutions.

Thanks a ton for reading my above blog. It would have made you curious to think about how Jio will bring changes in India. Leave your comments. We will keep you posted, as we receive more information.

Ajey Kumar Gupta
(Microsoft Exchange Admin)

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