How to Setup Port Forwarding on a Router?

Setting up Port Forwarding on any Router is easy. While setting up Port Forwarding in D-Link¬†2750U or DIR 615 Routers, we may face the below errors. Let’s find out how to setup Port Forwarding as well as how to fix the below error message.

“The Access Control Service port 80 is in the external port range, please reset the external port range or the Access Control Service port! ”

Users using D-Link 2750U or DIR 615 Routers generally face a tough time to setup Port Forwarding on Port 80. It throws the above error message.

In short, it means Port 80 is in use by¬†“Access Control Service”, release it first to set port forwarding.


a) Open to open admin page of D-Link 2750U or DIR-615.

b) Management Tab – Access Control – Services.

c) Select InterfaceLan and change Http Port from 80 to 8080. Click Apply.
Note: From now D-Link Router page will open using Address

d) Now we will be able to set the Port Forwarding using Port 80 on our Private Ip Address, 192.168.1.x

e) Open¬†Advanced¬†–¬†Port Forwarding. Add the¬†Service¬†– Select Wan Connection –¬†Server IP Address(Host Name): Private Ip address on which Services are hosted e.g., Web Server. At bottom¬†add 80¬†in all boxes of first row.

Using this easy method, Port Forwarding can be set easily on¬†D-Link’s 2750U¬†or¬†DIR-615¬†Wireless Router.
Port Forwarding will work now perfectly on Port 80.
Thanks a ton for reading my blog. I tried my best to keep things simple, in case you face any issue, do post it below and I will try to help you asap. If it helped you in any way, please post your comments or feedback.
Ajey Kumar Gupta
(Microsoft Exchange Admin)

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