Why 95% Organizations use Microsoft’s Exchange Server? Lets quickly find what is it..

Microsoft Exchange is the most popular¬†E-Mail Messaging Server¬†that¬†runs on Microsoft Servers. It enables¬†an organization to configure and¬†host email and collaboration services¬†with their¬†own domain¬†(e.g., xyz.com i.e.,¬†[email protected]).¬†It is installed on a Windows Server Platform and¬†provides¬†the¬†server-side services¬†and¬†features.

Microsoft Outlook is the client used by an end-user on a domain-joined machine or workstation that takes services from Exchange Server. With Outlook Client a user can store, receive & send E-mails inside & outside the organization. It also provides features like Calendar to book an appointment or meeting with co-mates, Contacts of all users in an organization at one place, Tasks Management for To-Do Tasks in a prioritized way.

All the above features of Outlook Client¬†are user-friendly and¬†easy to grasp by any new user¬†that he becomes used to them. Hence Exchange Server has gained so much popularity and is the foremost choice for any organization in today’s world.

I thank you by heart for reading my above blog. If you have any questions related to it, kindly post it in the comment below and I will try to respond asap.

Ajey Kumar Gupta
(Microsoft Exchange Admin)

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