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Create a Lynda Premium Account for a complete 1 year. Get access to more than 13000+ courses from which you can choose your own favorite course. There is learning for every individual present in this universe on I can bet you on that.

I have also added a live video demonstration at the bottom of this blog for more help.

Easy Steps to follow:

1. Open the Freelibrary Link. Click Here.

2. Fill in your details. Use the Address Generator link to take help.

3. Choose any Library from this link and copy its address and save it in notepad.

4. Suppose if you select Eastwick Library, copy its Address “2851 Island Avenue Philadelphia”, change it to “2860 Island Avenue Philadelphia to enter in the Permanent Address field.

Note: Your Permanent Address should be near to the Library Address.

5. Enter your correct working email address and complete the form and you will get the Library Card. Save it on the notepad along with 4 digit pin as well.

6. Check your e-mail and click on “login to verify your account” and use Credit Card to activate your card for the entire 1 year.

Credit Card:

7. Finally, you will be logged in to Access to more than 13000+ Professional courses, daily updated with new content. Enjoy.

Note: Download Lynda Mobile App and use the same Card above. It continues to work even after it shows disabled on your Desktop/Laptop.

Alternate Method (if someone face issues with above method):

1. Click Here to get the Detroit Library Card.

2. Fill in your details. Use the Address Generator link to take help. Do save your 4 digit pin in the notepad for later use. Enter your working email address.

3. Once you complete the form you will be presented with your Library Card Number. Save this card in the same notepad.

Login to

1) Open website – Sign In – Click Sign in with your organization Portal – Enter

2) Use your Library Card and the pin saved in the notepad in earlier steps.

3) You will be allowed to login successfully and can learn anything from Lynda. com.

Friends, if you have directly visited this blog, you may even watch the complete easy steps explained in the video description below.

Friends, thank you so much for reading my blog. If I helped you in any way please let me know by Subscribing the channel below.

If any friend is facing any issues, please send me an email at [email protected] and I will try to revert as soon as possible. I will see you in the next blog.

Ajey Gupta
(Exchange Admin)

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