Configuration of USB Dongle in D-Link 2750U

We can connect any Sim Card Dongle to D-Link 2750U. The reason behind doing it is D-Link 2750U has very strong Wi-Fy Signals and a good range as its N300 router. Hence we extend our dongle internet connection through our D-Link Router 2750U.

The steps are simple and easy:

  1. Click Advanced Tab – 3G Configuration. At present, it will show “3g status: No Dongle“.
  2. Now insert the activated sim card with working internet connection into the dongle and then connect it at the USB Port on the back of D-Link 2750U.
  3. As soon as you will connect, after few seconds (can take upto 1 to 2 minutes max), it will show you the message “3g status: Ready”, Internet CONNECTED, Auto Dialed. 
  4. In the 3g Setup, it will show you Connected. Now we will set up wireless.
  5. Click Setup Tab – WirelessWireless Security – Select WPA2-PSK and enter the Wi-Fy password.
  6. At present we have only Power cable and Dongle Connected to D-Link 2750U.
  7. Friends, now try connecting your mobile or any other device to the D-Link Wi-Fy and your device will be connected to the internet.

I would like to include a live demonstration of 3g configuration in D-Link 2750U:

I hope these above steps will be useful for all those who use the dongle to connect to the internet and don’t have broadband or local ISP connections and wants to convert their USB dongle to Wi-Fy with good coverage of signal. You can also connect your computer with a wired connection on Port 1, 2 or 3rd using dongle connected to D-Link 2750U router.

Note: It can be used as an Access Point to extend your existing wired network as well.

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