Configuration of USB Dongle in D-Link 2750U

We can connect any Sim Card Dongle to D-Link 2750U. The reason behind doing it is D-Link 2750U has very strong Wi-Fy Signals and a good range as its N300 router. Hence we extend our dongle internet connection through our D-Link Router 2750U.

The steps are simple and easy:

  1. Click Advanced Tab – 3G Configuration. At present, it will show “3g status: No Dongle“.
  2. Now insert the activated sim card with working internet connection into the dongle and then connect it at the USB Port on the back of D-Link 2750U.
  3. As soon as you will connect, after few seconds (can take upto 1 to 2 minutes max), it will show you the message “3g status: Ready”, Internet CONNECTED, Auto Dialed.¬†
  4. In the 3g Setup, it will show you Connected. Now we will set up wireless.
  5. Click Setup Tab – WirelessWireless Security – Select WPA2-PSK and enter the Wi-Fy password.
  6. At present we have only Power cable and Dongle Connected to D-Link 2750U.
  7. Friends, now try connecting your mobile or any other device to the D-Link Wi-Fy and your device will be connected to the internet.

I would like to include a live demonstration of 3g configuration in D-Link 2750U:

I hope these above steps will be useful for all those who use the dongle to connect to the internet¬†and don’t have broadband or local ISP connections and wants to convert their USB dongle to Wi-Fy with good coverage of signal.¬†You can also connect your computer with a wired connection on Port 1, 2 or 3rd using dongle connected to D-Link 2750U router.

Note: It can be used as an Access Point to extend your existing wired network as well.

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