The Version of the Client Access Server selected is not Supported (HCW failing)

The Version of the Client Access Server selected is not Supported. “Setup Wizard for Update Rollup 24 for Exchange Server 2010 SP3 ended prematurely. Error 1603 while installing Hybrid Configuration Wizard.”  

Microsoft recently made changes to their Hybrid Configuration Wizard which requires at least Exchange 2010 RU 23 update to be pre-installed on CAS Server.

Looking at the required updated, I tried downloading the latest update RU24 from Microsoft website, however, while installation got the error message as “Setup Wizard for Update Rollup 24 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 (KB4458321) ended prematurely“.

Tried digging into Event Viewer and got the Error Code 1603. However, could not found the closest resolution anywhere on the internet.

It took a long time of trying each & everything to come to this simple resolution. I would like to share what I did to fix it. It’s not that hard, however, I hope you will agree that sometimes minor errors take hours to fix.


The user with whom I was logged in was already a member of Schema Admin, Enterprise Admin, and Organization Management Roles. While installing it directly using Right click & Apply was resulting in an error message. There is no other option to install the .msp update by right-clicking on it apart from retrying again & again.

I tried running it few times to capture all the logs, installation was failing without any close clue to the issue. In the last, I tried opening Cmd with Elevated Priveledges, and browsed the path where I downloaded Exchange 2010 RU24 (required for HCW) update & finally tried installing the update this way:


Finally, the update completed successfully, however, the error message “The Version of the Client Access Server selected is not Supported” still remained the same despite installing the correct update required to run HCW.

Its was the time now to dig deeper into it and find the root cause: 

The Hybrid Configuration Wizard requires .NET Framework 4.6.2 however, this version doesn’t support Exchange 2010.

On the contrary, Exchange 2010 fully supports .NET Framework 4.5.x. however, HCW doesn’t work on .Net Framework 4.5.x. 

And this was actually the root cause behind the issue. Hence the only resolution at this point is to start the Hybrid Configuration Wizard from the Command Prompt using the “/dv” switch (Command: Microsoft.Online.CSE.Hybrid.App.exe /dv) to bypass the version check.

Follow the steps below:

a) Try opening Windows Powershell with Admin Rights on the Server where you are installing Hybrid Configuration Wizard.

b) Try initiating the setup of Hybrid Configuration Wizard from Internet Explorer from

c) Try opening Task Manager – Processes – Right-click on Microsoft Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard and select Open File Location.

Up until now, we got the HCW installation setup file location.

c) Copy the location from the address bar and cd to that location using Powershell with administrator rights.

d) Close the GUI Hybrid Configuration Wizard (as we know it will fail later).

e) Initiate the Installation using Powershell:

PS C:\Users\Ajay\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\60YM5LJ6.JQ1\N89HKTJ4.HCE\micr..tion_1975
b8453054a2b5_0010.0000_791ecd5ee12929e6>.\Microsoft.Online.CSE.Hybrid.App.exe /dv

It will open the HCW in GUI mode however will bypass the version check. Finally, our Hybrid Configuration Wizard succeeded successfully on Exchange Server 2010.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Hybrid Configuration Wizard setup without any issues now.

I thought to share this small piece of information as I could not find the resolution of Hybrid Configuration Wizard failing because of version issues of .Net Framework. Also, I tried simplifying the steps to run HCW using Powershell.

I am including the Live Demonstration of all the above steps performed for your ease. Do watch the complete video & if you like it do Subscribe the channel as well:

I hope this information would have been useful for you. Don’t hesitate to mention your feedback or comments below in case you are facing any issues with Hybrid Setup in Office 365. I will try to revert with the best possible resolution asap.

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Ajey Kumar Gupta
(Exchange Admin)

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